In a world where geopolitical instability is increasing and cities like Paris have been unwillingly thrust into the spotlight through terrorism, travel managers need to better understand the risks associated with travel, how to mitigate them and how to ensure that their companies demonstrate strong leadership when it comes to corporate and social responsibility.

Business Travel iQ’s annual Responsible Travel Management ​Conference is the leading forum for travel buyers to hear about best practice in travel risk management and to learn from their peers. Delegates at the 2014 and 2015 conferences have heard from Martine Wright, the inspirational survivor of the 7 July Tube bombings, and Kieron Bryan, a cameraman covering Greenpeace’s protests in the Arctic who was thrown into a Russian jail. They have also listened to in-depth case studies from some of the world’s biggest companies on how they manage travel risk and corporate social responsibility.

When the frequency of travel to lesser known destinations is increasing and ‘safe’ cities are becoming riskier, companies need to be prepared.